The Gravity Rules Story

At this point you must be wondering what all this Gravity Rules stuff is about. Well in a nutshell, here at Gravity Rules, we hope to shed light on the fact that gravity is the universal, self-evident force that controls us all exactly in the same way. Whether you are skiing down the highest peaks or reading this at your computer right now, gravity is the one force that does not change.

Gravity is the great equalizer. It affects all of us in the same way. Join us in helping to raise the awareness of gravity in all our lives. Our hope is that by highlighting the fact that gravity is the dominating force in all our lives, that we can unite people from all walks of life through this understanding. By bringing people together with this world view, we hope to promote equality, tolerance, and peace, in order to attain a better life for all. We hope that by sharing this understanding we can inspire you to spread the word that Gravity Rules... Always.


Sarah Minkler

Sarah is following closely behind her mother as a teacher working with a diverse population of youngsters. Most of the time, you can find Sarah in her classroom with 20 vibrant 4th and 5th graders. Sarah is also the Head Coach of the Varisty Alpine Ski Team in her district, and a 7th and 8th grade girls lacrosse coach. When Sarah is not with the 60+ children she works with throughout a school year, she can be found spending her time with her Fiance, family, and her puppy. In any remaining free time, Sarah enjoys sailing, skiing, and spending her summers on the coast of Maine.


Sonwabile Pepani

If a time traveler were to return from the future I hope to be described as a Polymath or Renaissance man. This is due to the fact that I am hungry for knowledge, and I seek to master ever task I can get my hands on. Whether this task is learning how to operate a tractor or deriving supply curves in economics. I want to know it all and I want to be able to do it all. Currently I am a junior at St.Lawrence University where I major in Economics and minor in government studies. During my free time I enjoy socializing, philosophizing and spending time with those I most care about.


Debby Minkler

As well as being a mother of 3 grown children and a wife, I have been teaching for 45 years, covering every grade but 5th and college. I often mentor Education students at a local university as well. I have been fortunate to work with "at risk" students for much of my career, although for the last 12 years my population has been refugee students at the local high school. I teach New Americans from Thailand, the Congo, Somalia, and Nepal, how to read, and it is incredibly rewarding.

We have a small farm with ducks, chickens , goats , sheep, horses, dogs and cats which keep us busy . We are big skiers at Mad River Glen, and spend our summers on the coast of Maine where we bike and spend a lot of time on the water.

My husband and I own a small manufacturing company, and we are now working on this new endeavor of the Gravity Rules project and apparel company.


Lee Minkler

Business Founder
Off-Shore Skipper
Army Officer
Boat Builder
Home Owner
Charity Founder
Professional Skier
Church Officer


John Hadden

John wears a lot of different hats: Father and husband, musician and songwriter, photographer and graphic designer, audio engineer and business consultant, runner, biker and skier, a few random others. John owns and operates Resting Lion Studio, a graphic design and digital recording studio in Huntington, Vermont. He is also one half of The Swing Peepers, a multi-instrumental duo performing goofy, fun music and improvisational stories for kids and families throughout Vermont and New England. John produces a daily Weather Blog and posts frequently to his Photogaphy Blog as well.